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Hamidur September 11, 2008 21:07

Setting up a point monitor rotating with the blade
Hi Guys I have been doing a stator-rotor transient simulation. In order to see the change of flow characteristics with respect to time at a particular location, I specified a Cartesian point in the space of the rotor section. As you know the rotor is rotating at a constant speed in this transient case. I am interested to see the instantaneous result of a variable (e.g pressure)where the point is rotating with the rotor itself.

How the point can be made rotating along with the rotor as seen from the stationary frame of reference?

I appreciate your kind response please.


johnny September 13, 2008 17:00

Re: Setting up a point monitor rotating with the b
A monitor point in a rotating frame of reference is in fact rotating in the stationary frame of reference. When you define cartesion coordinates for a monitor point, it actually gets tagged to the nearest node to the x,y,z location, and it sticks to that node for the rest of the simulation.

Also, in a transient rotor stator run, the mesh does not move. The equations are simply solved in the relative frame of reference with source terms added to account for Coriolis effects, centrifugal forces, etc. The results at the interface are numerically pitched and the results are passed across the interface.

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