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sam September 13, 2008 03:14

Pressure distribution along hull
Hi all,

Doing my final year thesis researching the hydrodynamic characteristics of a submarine using ANSYS CFX software. Wanting to find the pressure coefficient distribution along the length of the hull in CFX Post.

I've done the folloeing so far, but have been unsuccessful in producing a graph of Cp against Length.

Assigned my variable Cp = P/(0.5*rho*U^2)

(i've used specific values for rho and U)

Assinged pressure P = Force (on hull)/Area (area of hull)

Set transverse planes along length of the hull and created polylines from the intersection between the hull and the plane.

In my chart i've selected my polyline as my location as the y variable and my length as x variable.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.



johnny September 13, 2008 17:09

Re: Pressure distribution along hull
Why is don't you simply use the variable Pressure instead of calculating P?

You said you want CP vs. Length (x position). Do you want the average Cp value at a given x? I'm not sure you can do this with the charts in CFX. You would need to take the average CP on all of your polylines and export these values and plot them vs. x in Excel or other.

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