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ranap September 18, 2008 22:57

mixing 4 kind of fluids
hi all, I am a students in mechanical engineering. I want to simulate of mixing 4 kinds of fluids in making lubricant for industry. would you please give me some advise how to simulate that case, i need some tutorial for my final project. thanks.

sanjay pawar September 19, 2008 07:54

Re: mixing 4 kind of fluids
that will depend on ur geometry and fluid nature.

CycLone September 19, 2008 11:55

Re: mixing 4 kind of fluids
If the fluids are miscible (i.e. they will mix), you can create a variable composition mixture of the four fluids and specify appropriate mass fractions for each fluid at the corresponding inlets and your initial conditions.

If they are immiscible (i.e. they do not mix, such as water & oil) you can choose them as multiple fluids in a multiphase analysis, specify the free surface option and specify surface tension as necessary.


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