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Iain September 21, 2008 07:22

Drag force
Hi guys

I am using CFX to try and approxiamte the drag on a vehicle prototype. I have modelled half the car and placed a symmetry plane through the centre to speed up my solution.

My question is whether the drag the function calculator finds acting on my car is just for the half model or if CFX thinks my whole car is there and gives the total drag.

Cheers Iain

Glenn Horrocks September 21, 2008 18:41

Re: Drag force

If you use the force_x/y/z CEL function or the calculator in CFX-Post it is just on the surfaces in the model, so half the force.

Glenn Horrocks

Iain September 21, 2008 18:49

Re: Drag force
Cheers Thanks for that

javad October 12, 2008 09:00

Re: Drag force *NM*

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