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Andrzej F September 22, 2008 16:51

Ansys installation on VISTA 32/64 bit sol'n!
For anyone that tried installing Ansys CFX/DesignModeler/Workbench etc. and had graphics problems, this may be a solution.

If you try installing Ansys on hardware which is not officially supported by Ansys, it may not work properly, but I decided to take the chance anyway.

When I installed Ansys 11 64-bit, onto Vista Home Premium 64-bit, and loaded workbench to create a simulation, I discovered some cursor problems: The 'snap-to' cursor was not showing up, the dimensions didn't show as they were being drawn - only when you released the mouse button, lines/circles were not shown while being drawn, making sketching difficult - but they would show up after letting go of the mouse click.

The solution...drumroll...TURN OFF WINDOWS AERO INTERFACE (Start->classic control panel->personalize->window color and appearance->windows vista basic

It will be less flashy than the aero desktop, but let's face it, if you're reading this, then you don't care about flashy, you care about performance and problem solving.

So there you go. It also fixed a problem I had with adobe flash player when going fullscreen. Videos would freeze at the current frame, while audio continued. Turn off windows aero.

My computer specs for reference:

Toshiba u400 intel core 2 duo 3gb ram vista home premium x64 intel gma x3100 integrated graphics card

Post here if this solved your problem too! Ansys tech support is now aware of this since I told them, but will not document it because they told me they don't document un-supported hardware problems.



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