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Felix September 23, 2008 10:35

tef numerics option

Could anyone help clarify how does the expert parameter called "TEF NUMERICS OPTION" work of alter the equations ? I know this question has been asked before ( ) but I did not find any answer.



Glenn Horrocks September 23, 2008 19:23

Re: tef numerics option


Glenn Horrocks

Felix September 25, 2008 09:45

Re: tef numerics option
Thanks Glenn, this info is available in the CFX help files. The last sentence says "This setting [turning the option on] may become the default setting in a future release."

This is exactly the reason why I think it is reasonable to use the TEF NUMERICS OPTION but, in order to be able to properly compare all the data I already have, I need to know how the omega gradients are smoothed (if this really is how the option works).

Any more info ? Thanks,


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