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Andy September 25, 2008 09:48

Thermal Radiation of a bulb
Dear CFX-Community,

is there anyone, who knows where to get a tutorial about "Thermal Model of Head Lamps using DO Radiation Model"? I read about it in some previous postings, but could not answer them anymore. If there is no such a tutorial, perhaps you can give me some hint, how to simulate the thermal radiation of a bulb.

Thanks a lot,

Best regards, Andy

Johnson September 27, 2008 08:59

Re: Thermal Radiation of a bulb

I don't think there is a tutorial on lamp modelling.

However, the best way to model a lamp is by using a fixed, high temperature boundary to model the filament, with an emissivity = 1. The relative proportions of Convective and Radiative heat flux are then part of the solution.

If you know the filament radiative flux but not the temperature, you can adjust the temperature until you get the correct value.


Andy September 29, 2008 03:30

Re: Thermal Radiation of a bulb
Thank you Johnson,

My whole simulation is about the tmeperatures around the bulb. I want to know, where which temperature appears.

If there is no other possibility fpr modelling the heat flux of the bulb, I think i try it in this way.

The Halogen-Bulb is running with a wattage of 20W. My problem is, where do I set the boundary condition if I do not simulate the bulb exactly like Johnson explains?

Thx Andy

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