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Tristan September 25, 2008 17:38

Hex-Tet Mesh Merge in ICEM
Does anyone have any experience merging a hex mesh with a tet mesh in ICEM? I generated the hex mesh first and then used the quad surface mesh at the interface between the two mesh regions as an existing part for the generation of the tet mesh. So I now have a tet mesh and a hex mesh with perfectly aligned nodes on both sides of the interface. When I merge the two volume meshes I get mostly pyramids at the interface which is what I expect. However, there are a few places where a pyramid was not generated at all, there are many places where the pyramids appear to be very short and therefore of low quality, and when I check the mesh there are surface orientations errors and non-manifold vertices at the interface. When I did the merge I repeatedly got the following types of messages,

could not include quad

error including edge 700335 700351

which probably explains why I am missing some pyramids but I'm not really sure how to avoid these problems since I did everything I could to make sure the meshes lined up before merging them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give,


rohit September 26, 2008 05:40

Re: Hex-Tet Mesh Merge in ICEM

I have also faced similar problem in the past,

i would like to ask you whether you have any acute angles or step near your problem region. please make sure you have enough elements on the tetra mesh size, so that pyramids can grow without penetrating into other elements(aleast you have 3 elements) This is general reason to get such an error, please describe your geometry for better undertanding. and try to change the mesh slightly(both hex and tet)and merge them, some times this may help.


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