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Luca September 26, 2008 19:16

ICEM CFD to CFX geometry and mesh
Goodmorning all, I have a problem while trying to import a mesh and the boundary surfaces in CFX10. As I understand from some on-line tutorials, I have to save the mesh file created with ICEM in the .gtm format, but when I try to write the CFX output, ICEM write the mesh in .msh format. CFX read this format, but it seems to me it loose all the informations about the boundary surface (inlet , outlet, walls) that I have already add under the parts tree in ICEM. How can i do to have the same surfaces i defined in ICEM, also in the file read by CFX ?

Thanks a lot in advance to all. Best regards


pmp77 September 29, 2008 09:43

Re: ICEM CFD to CFX geometry and mesh
Hello Everybody,

I have the same problem. I have import the geometry, create in, out, and wall, and create the mesh in ICEM CFD, but when I write the output file and try to read it in ANSYS CFX I can not select OUT as a boundary location - it is simply not there. "IN" exists and selectable.

I have made a simlplier sample case looking similar to my real one, and doing the same steps it worked well: I could define the boundaries, and start the solver run.

I tried to use other file formats to have good reasult such as exporting to nastran, patran, ideas, etc formats, but none of them worked.

I try to see the flow in a mould which has 8 nests. Teherefore I have 8 OUT surfaces and one IN. In my sample I had only two outs. I tried to define as one part, then tried to break it by connectivity, then tried to define as 8 different parts... Did not work.

Anybody has a suggestion. Thank you in advance, have a nice day!

pmp77 October 1, 2008 09:19

Re: ICEM CFD to CFX geometry and mesh
Hello Luca,

My problem is solved, but I do not know what helped. I have 8 nests in the mould and cut off 6 of them to see if it can work, and it did. Then I tried with 3 nests, then 5, then with all. ANd it is working now. I am fighting with the solver part now... :)

Here is the sequence i followed always.

New project. import geometry from stp file. turned on surfaces to see.

turn off all ticks at parts, but the first outlet curve and surface. add part named out1, selected the surface and the boundary. hide it. The two ticked part disappears from the list.

turn on the curves and surfaces for the second outlet. add part named out2, select geometry, hide it.

repeated for the other 6 out, then for in and finally the wall.

When wall is ready add body and select an inner point.

TICED ALL ON. (I guess maybe this helped.)


Applied my General settings to tetra then generated the mesh.

Set output settings and have written the output.

I hope you can solve your problem too.



Luca October 1, 2008 18:11

Re: ICEM CFD to CFX geometry and mesh
Thank you very much pmp77 for your reply. I don't know yet if this will help me too (I hope so), it's late now, I'll try tomorrow or as soon as I can. Anyway, thanks a lot.


feizaghaee January 31, 2010 06:19

you should set the solver in icem to ansys cfx in the output tab then save the project and in cfx you should set the ICEM file for import your problem will be solved.

Attesz January 31, 2010 16:30

After one and a half year, they can solve their least! :D:D:D

feizaghaee February 4, 2010 17:31

better than nothing

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