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Zoltan Turzo September 28, 2008 14:15

Gas stratification
I would like to model gas stratiication in a gas bottle. The gas is methan and co2. The bottle is a cilindrical one, with a height of 0.5 m. The base diameter 0.3 m. Presently i am working with CFX 11.0. Earlier I modelled this situation in CFX 4.4 with some succes. I found situation when the stratification happend. I wanted to repeat the results in CFX 11. but i could not find the model producing any stratification. Could Anybody give me some help?

Best Regards! Zoltan Turzo

Ton Moylan October 7, 2008 19:02

Re: Gas stratification
This info may not help you but

I am looking into CO2 stratification in regards to SIDS and the global warming thing. Carbon dioxide has two triple points. the 2nd triple point is at 31.1*C. Find out what the triple points are for your other gas is as this might determine the a stratification temperature. If you wish go to and follow the leads to the book which is free and read the write up about the effects of this triple point of CO2.

thanks bye tony

Zoltan Turzo October 8, 2008 01:55

Re: Gas stratification
Many thanks, I'll look at the link you suggested me.

Best Regards


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