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turbinesv October 3, 2008 03:27

How can I use this experiment data?
Hi,every one

I find a technical report about aerodynamic experiment results of a turbine cascade. I want to use it to compare with my numerical computation results. But unfortunately, the report did not contain the inlet and exit thermal boundary condition (such as pressure\temperature). But it contained the Reynolds number and the geometry of the experiment. How can I impose my computation boundary and compare my results to the experiment data?

Thank you in advance.

Glenn Horrocks October 6, 2008 23:07

Re: How can I use this experiment data?

If they only gave Re and the geometry then guess a fluid (which gives density and viscosity) and the Re tells you the velocity. Impose that as a boundary condition.

If the experiment is for compressible flow and they did not define Mach number (or some other compressible flow parameter such as the total temperature) then the experiment is not fully defined and it is not possible to reproduce the results from the information they give. Then write to the authors and tell them to write a proper experimental report next time.

Or you could just guess an inlet total temperature and see how sensitive it is.

Glenn Horrocks

turbinesv October 7, 2008 02:21

Re: How can I use this experiment data?
Thank you very much,Glenn Horrocks. Now, I know how to reproduce the experimental.


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