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matt giuli October 6, 2008 08:46

multiphase oil air separator tips
Hello everyone, I'm trying to model an oil-air separator device. Air is the carrier and we need to separate oil. This device works with rather high oil mass fractions (oil mass is 50 times higher than air mass rate) in inlet and the droplet size is unknown. I'm going to use an eulerian-eulerian multiphase, any recommendations? How about the boundary conditions for the bottom of the oil-collecting device? Is there an option to let the oil phase go away from the bottom, but not the air phase?

Thanks in advance,


Glenn Horrocks October 6, 2008 22:50

Re: multiphase oil air separator tips

Look in the CFX tutorial manual. Tute 15 and 16 are probably relevant to you.

Glenn Horrocks

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