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sonja October 6, 2008 10:24

Mixing Plane - upstream influence
Hello! I have simulated a compressor wheel: full 360 of the stator and only one blade of the rotor. If I plot velocity, pressure etc. in CFX POST, I can see an obvious upstream influence of the modelled blade. Something must be wrong with my boundary conditions (I set static pressure at the outlet of the rotor and at the outlet of the stator where the not-simulated blades would be. Both pressure values are given by another simulation. At the inlet I have a velocity vector profile.) What kind of boundary conditions would you suggest? What gives stable results? Thanks!

SA October 7, 2008 08:27

Re: Mixing Plane - upstream influence
Why are you using the 360 stator, it has no use with the mixing plane. Use the sliding mesh option

P.S. If there is no effect of downstream component on upstream flow field then mixing plane is good approximation

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