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laura October 8, 2008 06:27

beta feature electormagnetic
Hallo! I have sometimes one problem. When I try to build one new domain, I donīt manage to "find" in the models the electromagnetic model, also if i activated the electromagnetic features. HOw can I activate such things in every domain? And also, how can I find the guide about the MHD equation that the software solves? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

Glenn Horrocks October 8, 2008 17:52

Re: beta feature electormagnetic

As it is a beta feature it will not be documented and may not be accessible in CFX-Pre. You will need to talk to your CFX support person to get started using it.

Glenn Horrocks

laura October 9, 2008 02:23

Re: beta feature electormagnetic
I already had support, but I think I need nevertheless a documentation about the equations and modelling. Do you know if the next version has still electromagntic as beta feature?

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