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steven October 8, 2008 10:57

catalogue size problem

I am running a multiple stage compressor CFX simulation. The simulation can run with k-epsilon model, but when I change to Shear stress transport model, I always get catalogue size error information like below. I already increased catalogue size by a factor of 10 (I even tried factor of 10000). I also increased memory factor. Nothing helps. Where is the problem? thanks a lot!

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | *** INSUFFICIENT CATALOGUE SIZE *** | | | | ACTION REQUIRED : Increase the file catalogue size. | | | | If the situation persists please contact the CFX Customer Helpline | | giving the following details:- | | Current catalogue size : 199261 | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Details of error:- ---------------- Error detected by routine MAKDAT CDANAM = HOW CDTYPE = CHAR ISIZE = 7 CRESLT = FCAT


Glenn Horrocks October 8, 2008 17:51

Re: catalogue size problem

This type of problem usually is caused by another issue, such as complicated GGI boundaries, physics or chemistry. Are you using anything like that?

Glenn Horrocks

patel mitesh October 20, 2008 13:32

Re: catalogue size problem
hi there. you can solve this problem by following method. open solver then go to file-> monitor finished run. (here you have to select your def. file) after that file open, go to tool-> edit definition file new window will be on your screen. in that you just click on flow, when it maximize click on solver control. after that in main tab click on edit-> add parameter you will see new window on your screen. in that you find Catalogue Size Multiplier and enter value for that 1.2 to 1.7. after pressing ok you have to save that def file from file->save . start that run again with this modified def file.

Regards, Patel Mitesh

mactech001 May 30, 2012 03:38

Is there a reason why CFX will require me to increase the catalogue size please? how does changing the catalogue size effect on the results please?

ghorrocks May 30, 2012 07:23

At the start of the run CFX makes an estimate of the catalog size required for the run. It almost always gets it about right. Occasionally it gets it wrong and you need to manually increase it.

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