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Ste October 9, 2008 11:59

2D Meshing

I'm a fairly new user to CFX Mesh, and even newer to this 2D extrusion method for 2D simulations.

When meshing my geometry, I am finding that the max body spacing is limiting the edge spacings that i use. But when i enter a small body spacing the whole mesh becomes very fine and not just the areas that I want to be fine. Is there a way around this?

Also am I right in thinking if a large body thickness used is large and the thickness of the partial extrusion is big, this results in large aspect ratio cells??

Thanks in advance for any help


Roger October 9, 2008 13:41

Re: 2D Meshing
The body spacing is a globel max spacing so in that sence there is no way around. Use some of the mesh controlling paremeters to refine the mesh in the areas of your decire not the body spacing. The second question I think is to the 2D extrution? A 2D simulation is a 2D simulation so it doesnt care about the third dimension :)

Ste October 9, 2008 13:49

Re: 2D Meshing
Thanks Roger,

However, when i define edge and face spacing, the elements seems to not go below a certain value even though I am specifying a smaller value. I find only when I reduce the body spacing can I get the mesh fine enough.


Roger October 9, 2008 14:53

Re: 2D Meshing
You must be doing something wrong. Try to set body spacing high and apply a small face spacing with an appropriate radius of influence and then set a low expansion factor (1.05then you can see how it is evolving). Just play a little around with it and have a look in the help file there is a good guidance...

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