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Stewart Long October 26, 2008 10:01

Import Fan 3D Model - Workbench or CFX?
Hi all,

I have a model of a 3D centrifugal fan, done in a 3D modeling package, that I need to run a simulation on. I have used workbench and Ansys Classic before but not CFX and need to know what would be the best course of action. I need to simulate flow through the fan, hopefully to see how the fluid flows based on the designed geometry, and also to find out the stresses on the blade tips.

Would it be easier to import the geometry into Workbench CFX and run the simulation in there? Will this give me the desired results or will I have to use CFX? If I do have to use CFX, can I import geometry such as that described or do I have to model it in CFX?

I have very limited knowledge of the programs and would really appreciate any guidance. If anyone has any additional help to give regarding centrifugal fan simulations, then I would really enjoy hearing it.

Cheers for the help. Regards, Stewart

Dre October 26, 2008 10:29

Re: Import Fan 3D Model - Workbench or CFX?
1. Open Empty Project in Workbench

2. New Geometry

3. Import your geometry

4. Do necessary prep work

5. Back in the project tab, select geometry and select New Mesh

6. Create your mesh, then go back to project tab and select Create CFD Simulation with Mesh

Stewart Long October 28, 2008 05:05

Re: Import Fan 3D Model - Workbench or CFX?
Ok, I have just recently installed Ansys but there is no simulation option available, and therefore no new mesh option. I only have advanced meshing available. Have I done something wrong?

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