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VAMSI October 31, 2008 06:27

ERROR #002100048 has occurred in subroutine SU_BNE

I am getting the below error when i am running CFX solver. I am not able to understand why this error is coming. Plz suggest, if anybody has the same issue and sorted out.

Will be grateful for your help.

"All vertices for a fluid domain lie on a boundary. The solver considers this to be a fatal error because control volume gradients cannot be calculated, leading to serious discretization error. This error may arise for two-dimensional simulations when a free slip boundary condition is applied to the end planes.In this situation a symmetry condition should be applied to the end planes instead. Execution is terminating. This error message can be bypassed by setting the expert parameter 'boundary vertex check = f'. "


cdegroot November 5, 2012 16:30

Quite an old thread to bring up but okay. I think the error is described pretty well. Are you using a 2D mesh?

cdegroot November 6, 2012 07:56

Symmetry should work on a 2d grid.

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