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Huygen November 1, 2008 16:52

Heat Transfer
Hi everyone,

I just want to know what is the difference if we analyze a heat transfer using finite element analysis software such as ANSYS, ALGOR, NASTRAN, etc., and using computational dynamics software such as FLUENT, etc.?

That's all

Thanks in advance


Amod November 6, 2008 16:10

Re: Heat Transfer
Any structural simulation software like Ansys, ALGOR, NAstran would be able to solve HT problems in solid domain only. There HTC (heat transfer coefficient) and correponding ambient conditions need to be specified explicitly.

In CFD solvers, HTC need not be specified separately. The solid domain and fluid domain can be solved together and the software will calculate apt HTC at the interface, provided you model the B.L. correctly.

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