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arun November 6, 2008 10:29

modeling flow of fluid that is stirred
I am trying to model the flow in a crucible.... the crucible has liquid aluminium along with suspended silicon carbide particles that are added some time after stirring starts.....a constant amount of the fluid inside the crucible is stirred by the stirrer.....fluid is initially stationary... how can i model the flow????? plz help...

LKF November 6, 2008 11:40

Re: modeling flow of fluid that is stirred
Perhaps this article may provide some insight?

arun November 6, 2008 13:41

Re: modeling flow of fluid that is stirred
thank you very much for that reply.. that article really helped me understand the flow processes.. ... but i have a problem in defining the stationary fluid and the dispersed phase(silicon carbide)in cfx... i am not that well versed in cfx and dunno how to define a stationary fluid as most of tutorials in cfx are based on moving fluids... also i am not able to find how to give the dispersed phase sometime after the stirring has started.. it would be very helpful if you could comment on this... thanks for your help....

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