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NI3 November 12, 2008 01:51

Is animation possible for Steady state model???
its urgent***

would anybody tell me.. is animation possible for steady state problem?

consider my problem: i am using a free surface model where by changing water height , i mam getting different types of hydraulic jumps. **I want to know weather this jump is stationary or moving ?????**

is there any alternative solution for this problem...

please specify.

thanks in advance..

pmp77 November 12, 2008 03:45

Re: Is animation possible for Steady state model??
I don't know if it helps you or not,

I modelled a steady state gas flow through a geometry and used particle tracking to animate the movement of the gas.

This is how i did:

More complex way:

In cfx pre: Creata a new material lets call it tracking_sand. Select Pure Substance and Particle Solid on Basic setting tabs. I gave 1 kg/kmol molar mass, and 0.001g/cm^3 density. You might need to give 0 J/kgK heat capacity (Material Properties tab)

In domain:default domain, General options turn on particle tracking and select your tracking_sand. In Fluid details select solid particles, Particle diameter distribution, i defined specified diameter 1 micron and non buoyant for the tracking_sand. on fluid pairs tab select one way coupling for water/tracking_sand if you do not want the tracking particles to influence the flow. It makes solver finish sooner as well. I used Shiller Naumann Drag Force.

At inlet settings: Fluid Values Tab: select Particle Behaviour for the tracking_sand in Mass and momentum select zero slip. it makes the particles move with the fluid without any slip. In number of positions I used direct specification and 1000/s at number rate; and 1 g/s for particle mass flow.

At wall: you can see the tracking_sand appear in fluid values. I used default values, and clicked ok.

Solve it

In cfx-post you will find Res PT for tracking_sand in its geometry tab you can change the limts option and use different values for your animation.

Or a much more simple way: create streamline in cfx post. Right click on it on the screen and select animate!

I hope you can adopt these for your problem


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