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Faruk November 16, 2008 23:06

Workbech design modeler geometry
Hi there,

I have XYZ data of a irregular surface. I want to use this data to make geometry in Workbench Design Modeler for subsequent meshing with CFX mesh. What is the easiest way to do that without making the geometry in CAD.

Thanks is advance for any help.

Faruk Bhuiyan

Rogerio Fernandes Brito November 17, 2008 20:57

Re: Workbech design modeler geometry
U could use SolidWorks software (sketch 3D and loft tools), but you can make this on ICEM CFD, I guess.

Faruk Bhuiyan November 18, 2008 10:45

Re: Workbech design modeler geometry
Hi Rogerio,

Thank you for your hints. But I dont have Solidworks installed in my computer and not much familiar with ICEM CFD. I have ~5000 XYZ points to create the geometry. Then I have to add some detailed structure (solids) in this geometry. I just wonder if the points can be imported directly in Solidworks to make the initial geometry which could be imported in Design Modeler.



Smagmon November 18, 2008 10:55

Re: Workbech design modeler geometry
Yes,if you dont have any other CAD software, you can do it with ICEM or WB. I think easier to do that with WB.

prepare your data as a txt file formated in 5 columns, the first must be the section and the same for each line from your curve, the second one is the number of your point, and must be sequential line by line, the other 3 columns are your points in coordinates (x,y,z). If your curve is closed, add a line at the end with 0 in the second column, and nothing in the coordinates position. It will close your curve. Save it...

1 1 20 24 -3 1 2 25 12 -3 1 3 40 32 -2 1 0

After that goes to DesignModeler, in menu CONCEPT>3D CURVE set DEFINITION to From Coordinates File and chose your file and set MERGE TOPOLOGY to YES. Regenerate and the curve should appear.

Back to menu, TOOLS>NAMED SELECTION and select your curve. Do it for each curve that you have, than use the command SKIN/SOFT and select the named selections from your curves.

It should work.

Smagmon November 18, 2008 11:05

Re: Workbech design modeler geometry
Sorry, the format was not saved from the message box.

You must have five numbers per line. And only 2 in the last line to close your curve.

1 1 20 24 -3

1 2 25 12 -3

1 3 40 32 -2

1 0

Faruk Bhuiyan November 19, 2008 20:49

Re: Workbech design modeler geometry
Hi Smagmon,

Thanks a lot for your help. This is the effective method I am following now although it needs some prior works on the original data.



AHMEDGMC October 31, 2010 09:44

export geometry solidworks into cfx turbogrid
i am ahmed, I have a geometry of francis turbine runner in solidworks, i want to export in to cfx turbogrid.
i have to create a curve in solidworks but i do not how to create it.
thank you

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