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Jenny November 19, 2008 06:09

Mean flow kinetic energy

I'm not familiar with CEL and although I've plotted contours of the turbulence kinetic energy, just wondered if anyone has made a plot of the ratio between the turbulence kinetic energy and the mean flow kinetic energy. I've plotted turbulence kinetic energy and it isn't giving me the answer I require.

Is this something I need to program within CFX-post? or is there something I have missed in the generic functions?

Thanks for any help.


Faruk Bhuiyan November 19, 2008 20:53

Re: Mean flow kinetic energy

It can be done easily in CFX-post but with CEL.



Jenny November 19, 2008 20:57

Re: Mean flow kinetic energy
I can get mean flow kinetic energy as an average over my fan blades (I am working on a numerical fan model) using CEL, but I would like to plot the ratio as a contour plot over the blade, rather than just get a single value. This is what I am not sure how to do.

If anyone has suggestions I would be most grateful.


LF November 19, 2008 21:12

Re: Mean flow kinetic energy
I'm not sure exactly how it can be done, but I am pretty sure that if you look into "Additional Variables" in help files and examples that should get you started. I have created my own variables in this fashion for specific values of interest to me. Any variable that you create as an additional variable can, I think, be displayed in a contour plot.

Hope that helps.

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