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frank November 20, 2008 23:33

Maybe a bug in CFX12.0 BETA?

I got a copy of CFX 12.0 BETA, not publish yet. A new feature is interface model. I think it is very good feature. But I found a "bug" in it.

Two fulid domains which is connected by GGI interface. When set the interface model as "no slip wall" and add the energy equation in solution, the temperature in both domain will increase very high!!! even 10**20K. Why?

I think some of us belong to ansys internal staff. pls help me whether it is a bug?



John S. November 22, 2008 12:39

Re: Maybe a bug in CFX12.0 BETA?
Is the interface supposed to be a no slip wall or should it be free-flowing like a thin surface pair? If it sets it as a wall and should be just an interface you can always change the interface type manually.

frank November 23, 2008 04:33

Re: Maybe a bug in CFX12.0 BETA?
Thanks for your reply,John

I want to model two fluid domains which are divided by a thin material. The two domains can exchange heat between each other.

So I think I can build two fluid domains connected by GGI interface. Then i can use thin material model to model my problem, but i can solve energy equation.The T goes very high. How to deal with this problem? any suggestion?

kishan patel November 23, 2008 11:35

Re: Maybe a bug in CFX12.0 BETA?
hi there,

have u tried ur problem in cfx 11 sp1. i think u will be face same problem in cfx 11 sp1. i faced similar kind of problem in cfd 11. i am also trying to simulate same physics that u have but two fluid are different and in my case conduction through thin wall is important.

UnderGroundMan November 26, 2008 19:08

Re: Maybe a bug in CFX12.0 BETA?
Hi Frank

Can we impose random turbulent fluctuations at the inlet boundary in CFX 12?

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