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Ferzola November 21, 2008 13:43

1st prob: code 123 error | 2nd prob: max. packing
Hi, I'm having to different problems here in Ansys CFX 11.0 SP1, I will use one topic to describe both and facilitate the comunication.

First problem: code 123 error

I'm guetting this problem randomly and I don't know what does it mean. The machine is an Intel core 2 quad Q9450 2666mhz overclocked to 3760mhz (470FSB x8 multiplyer) with increased voltages, memorys running underclocked at 940mhz from 1066mhz at normal voltage. It has been stable for 3 months now, I've used prime95 to test the stability and passed all steps. The temperature don't extrapolete 64C at an 100% processor usage. We have here others computers running with overclock that never shown this problem.

Second Problem: Maximum Packing

I'm simmulating a fludized bed in a 3d enviroment and Euler-Euler model, knectic activated to avoid the volume fraction getting to hi, but even with the maximum packing set to 0.62 the volume fraction goes up to 0.9 near the walls. What can I do to avoid this problem?

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