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Faraaz November 28, 2008 10:04

2D flag model and mesh!
Hi, I am new to CFX. I want to model a 2D flapping flag model in CFX. I think that I have to create the model first, mesh it and then import it in CFX. Right? The flag pole should also be included. Do you think it will be good to include a flow region, modeled as a rectangle in 2D, and include the flag and the pole inside it? Also where can I model all this? Is Design Modeler good for this? I can only do 3D modelling in DesignModeler. Should I design it like having an extruded rectangle with a circular hole into it as the pole and a rectangular hole as the flag infront of the pole? If so, then what about the extrusion, should it be very small? I don't know if CFX will convert this into a 2D model.

I know it is a lot of question, but I really need help. I could not find any helpful information regarding my questions. PLease help. Thanks in advance.

Johannes November 28, 2008 10:53

Re: 2D flag model and mesh!

Faraaz November 28, 2008 15:33

Re: 2D flag model and mesh!
Thanks for the link man. I think it is clear now.

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