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Crage December 1, 2008 22:52

FSI interface

I am recently doing FSI simulation about a centrifugal pump impeller with CFX&Workbench 11.In the workbench simulation(CSD),I have defined a Fluid-Solid interface with blades(for example),and the .inp file would includ ANSYS interface FSIN_1 which will be set to the corresponding CFD boundray(bladewall) in CFX.

Because of the pump especially impeller as a rotor(domain is rotating in CFX),bladewall would be at different location in coming timesteps,but FSIN_1 seemed like being stationary in WB simulation.

And my point is,though FSIN_1 and bladewall were in the same location with respect to the global Cartesian coordinate system in two solvers at very beginning when I set up the simulatin,does FSIN_1 still send data normally to bladewall in following timesteps automatically?

Thanks a lot!


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