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Abduri December 8, 2008 21:00

FSI Transient Thermal Analysis
Hi Guys,

I would like to simulate following problem:

I have a flow of lets say 500K which contacts a solid of lets 280K. The simulation is supposed to be transient, so there is a heat transfer onto the solid. The solid has a conductivity which I want to analyse in its temperature, heat flux, and so on. Actually, the incoming flow's temperature also varies in time.

I set up a FSI Two-Way coupled simulation, defining the Fluid-Solid-Interface with Workbench (under Flexible Dynamic) and defined at CFX-Pre that the corresponding boundary under heat transfer receives the Wall Heat Flow from ANSYS and sends back Temperature (with the other way round solver won't run). I made sure, there geometrie fits together.

The solver calculates the fluid and I get expected results. But ANSYS Field Solver (Structural) stays constant at about 5e-5 and ANSYS Interface Loads (Structural) at Zero. Since I don't analyse deformations, it seems logical to me. But where is the calculation for the thermal analysis? CFX-Post only lets me see structural arguments but no temperature distributions.

When I try to set up, Transient Thermal Analysis with Workbench, it won't let me define a Fluid-Structure-Interface to write an Input file for CFX. And reading in a temperature field from a certain timestep also doesn't work, because my problem need information from the timestep before or all timesteps before because the solid heats up. With Transient Thermal Analysis, this seems not possible.

How can I set up a Two-Way coupled transient thermal analysis with Workbench and CFX to analyse the solid domain? And how can I analyse the solid (CFX-Post or Workbench)?

I am sorry, if it became too long. Thought its better to describe my problem. Thanks for your answers!

Cheers, Ayhan

khattaksadia January 1, 2017 23:54

your problem seems very similar to mine. can you please record the whole procedure as video (starting from the first step till the last step) and post your video link here. may be after going through the complete procedure i might be able to help you find the solution.

thanks in advance

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