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Abduri December 9, 2008 01:46

Transient Thermal Analysis with FSI
Hi Guys,

As you can see in the previous topic I have created, I have a problem with getting results for the heat transfer part.

These given links and other posts say, that the heat convective and conductive parts are automatically calculated during the solving process.

When I open the calculated rst-file with ANSYS-Post, it only gives me options to visualize structural parameters, e.g. von Mises. How can I visualize temperature, heat flux distributions or thermal stresses within FSI-Simulations? It doesn't appear at all.

This the related link this post is refered to. I'm desperate because I can not find out how it works. Thank you for helping!!

Cheers, Abduri

Mechstud March 25, 2009 06:53

during ur ansys structural setup, u need to insert thermal condition in ur flexible dynamic model so as to simulate thermal part also after that u can visualise the desired results

Abduri March 27, 2009 03:47


thanks for your reply. I have done this but I have following problem:

When I do One-Way FSI between ANSYS and CFX, the defined interaction interface within CFX-Pre lets me choose for FORC, DISP, HFLU or TEMP as additional data to be transferred.

When I choose for TEMP, the temperature field from the interface is loaded onto the the solid. But what I would need is the heat flux. So when I switch to HFLU is doesn't calculate any heat flux, the solver just stays at 0 and the solid stays at ambient temperature instead of slowly increasing. Is the CFD solver not calculating any heat flux at the interface?

How can let him transfer heat flux and not temperature?

Please help! I have actually tried everything but nothing worked out.

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