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JUN December 9, 2008 04:10

two material propoery for Heat exchange problem.

i have a problem about using two different material property. the problem are composed of three domains(one is solid domain, the others are fluid domain) one fluid domain is enclosed of solid domain within fluid domain) yes, this is heat exchanger. and, outter fluid domain is air, inner tube is contained by water. but, i can't make the model.

one domain is to be set to air, the other domain is to be set to water. but, created solver file is written by one material. what happend ? plz help thanks in advance.

Anupam Jain December 18, 2008 02:24

Re: two material propoery for Heat exchange proble
For any given CFD problem, more than one domain may be defined. By default, the physical models used in each domain must be consistent; therefore, each time you create or edit a domain, the physical models (fluid lists, heat transfer models, etc.) are applied across all domains of the same type (e.g., fluid or solid), possibly overwriting models chosen earlier for other domains.

Please note the following: • It is possible to override this behavior and define different physical conditions in distinct separate fluid domains. This can be done either by setting the environment variable CFX5_NO_CONSTANT_PHYSICS to any value before starting ANSYS CFX-Pre, or by enabling beta features and setting the Constant Domain Physics action off by right-clicking on the Simulation branch. This will result in no checking for consistent physics across separate domains by ANSYS CFX-Pre. Any simulation that has been defined in this mode will 'remember' these settings when it is re-opened in CFX-Pre. • Some exceptions exist when using fluid and solid domains together and also to allow MFR (multiple frame of reference) simulations to be defined. • If a domain interface is required, refer to Using Domain Interfaces for information on the correct use of interfaces.

To make the Beta features visible, start CFX-Pre and select Edit > Options. When the Options dialog appears, select CFX-Pre and check Enable Beta Features. Click OK to save the change.

JUN January 12, 2009 20:37

Re: two material propoery for Heat exchange proble
Thank you for your reply.

Have a good day...


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