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Alex December 17, 2008 11:23

Hybrid mesh in 2D in ANSYS ICEM CFD

I am currently running simulations on an airfoil. I would like to create for that a hybrid mesh in ANSYS ICEM CFD. However, I dont know how this is possible. The mesh in the close vicinity of the airfoil is stuctured and I want to fill in the rest of the space with triangles. Could someone help me on that? Thank you in advance.


Rogerio Fernandes Brito December 18, 2008 09:13

Re: Hybrid mesh in 2D in ANSYS ICEM CFD
Create the blocks where u want to make the hexa mesh and create the tetra mesh using the option "merge". I think it will work out.

I tried to do that, but it appeared a lot of "holes" inside the mesh"

If you want to build this mesh on this simple geometry...

After that, tell me if u got it!

Alex December 19, 2008 11:00

Re: Hybrid mesh in 2D in ANSYS ICEM CFD
What I do is to first create the structured mesh in the vicinity of the airfoil. Then I would like to fill in the rest of the area with triangles. Moreover, I would like the mesh to become coarser as the distance from the airfoil increases.

You said that I should use the option "merge", but do u mean "merge interactive" or "merge meshes"? I know that it is possible to merge meshes in the 3D case, but what about 2D?

Thanx in advance.


Bart December 22, 2008 05:17

Re: Hybrid mesh in 2D in ANSYS ICEM CFD
Why use ICEM for that? If you use cfx-mesh for that with inflation layers you will get just that in 2D. You can extend your inflation layers as far as you like as long as you have at least one layer of tet cells between the inflation layers and you boundary condition. Better yet; put an inflation layer on your boundaries.


Alex December 22, 2008 06:10

Re: Hybrid mesh in 2D in ANSYS ICEM CFD
I am not familiar with CFX and I dont know if it is even available at my university. Is it not possible to use ICEM for that? I am already very familiar with this program, making structured meshes. Thank you in advance.


nils February 1, 2009 13:29

Re: Hybrid mesh in 2D in ANSYS ICEM CFD
Hi Alex I am also trying to Built a hybrid Mesh in Icem, my farfielt is pure Hex and now i want to create the farfield in tetra (it is a 3D problem), the merge Mesh tool doesn´t work well, I am looking for a method whre i can start the mesh generation from the existing hex mesh, without using internal faces. Is there anybody who knows if it works in ICEM ???


vmlxb6 March 5, 2011 17:32

I know its a bit too late but I need help with this also. I am simulating a flow over a cylinder (2-D). The cylinder is moving i.e it is a 1 way FSI problem. I need an excellent mesh around the vicinity of my Cylinder walls. I need a structured mesh around the cyl and tri meshes in the far field.

Can anyone pls help.

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