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charles December 18, 2008 04:55

multiphase and multicomponent flow
Hi all,

i am simulating an problem about multiphase and multicomponent flow. now i face some diffculties. liquid flow from inlet to outlet in a pipe, and vapor1 heats liquid through the pipe, the perfect result which i want to get is the liquid evaporate completely, so in this problem there are three components and two phases, the following questions are what i turn to u for help, thanks 1\whether the vapor2 must be defined as disperse fluid, and how to if it is? 2\whether i have to add some ccl?

map December 18, 2008 12:20

Re: multiphase and multicomponent flow
hi charles,

i am facing same kind of problem. in my problem high temp water is flowing inside the pipe which is cooled by air stream flowing outside of the pipe. so i have also two phases and three components type problem. when i trying to simulating to this kind of problem with total enery on, i getting the error which is ansys is not supporting solid domain with multiphase. so if u have some solution than let me know...... thanks in advance

charles December 18, 2008 22:34

Re: multiphase and multicomponent flow
firstly i think you have to set two domains,one is fluid which consists of three components and two phases, another is solid that it's material is the pipe. the key is heatt ransfer between fluid and solid. but i can't find a good way to continue.

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