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Blade December 24, 2008 12:07

CFX Mesh crashing

I seem to be getting a problem with CFX Mesh that I cannot solve. Basically, the .gtm file is stored but it appears that the meshing programme crashes after this stage. It therefore hangs at the 'Commit Mesh' stage. Is this a common problem or is the mesh that I am creating causing it?

Any help will be appreciated.

Timon December 29, 2008 05:53

Re: CFX Mesh crashing
This is some common bug in CFX-mesh, it happens to me quite often as well (mostly for larger meshes). The mesh stored in the .gtm should be fine though. Just kill CFX-mesh and continue working with the created file.

John S. December 29, 2008 14:03

Re: CFX Mesh crashing
I get this a lot when I construct large models. You can turn this option off under Tools - Options - CFX Mesh.

Blade December 30, 2008 11:30

Re: CFX Mesh crashing
Thanks for the info. so far. John S, what option should I change within the CFX-mesh options window?

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