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Mitch December 29, 2008 07:07

Boddy fitted Hexcore Mesh in ICEM Cfd

i am simulating a car body and i have problems to create a mesh with good quality. Especially the prism generation is difficult in some areas. I saw a mesh generation in Ansa without prism generation and I tried to create a body fitted hexcore in ICEM, which looks similar. The Problem I have with Icem is, that if I set a 2 to 1 refinement in the global mesh settings, the boundaries are not good meshed, beause the elements are too big and not the whole boundary faces are meshed. Which means the mesh goes not up to the boundary curves. When I set the uniform refinement, the mesh is good, but I have too much elements.

My approach is as follows. I set the mesh parameters for the car shape. Then I set the global mesh parameters Cartesian, boddy fitted, refinement 2 to 1. I did not find the meaning of the aspect ratio 1 1 1 in the icem help.

Can somebody give me a hint or a quick how to for body fitted hex mesh?

Thank you and Happy New Year to all CFD Online Users!


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