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Wojtek January 6, 2009 18:32

radiation of a body
Does anyone know how to model radiation of a body (copper solid block) heated to a certain temperature?

I would like that body to loose energy depending on the temperature, but only due to radiation (cause Im trying to model a behaviour of a heater in high vacuum conditions 10-5 Pa), can u do that in Ansys?

thanks in advance!!!

Glenn Horrocks January 7, 2009 18:39

Re: radiation of a body

CFX has a number of radiation models. The discrete transfer model is probably appropriate here. The Monte Carlo model is also applicable but will require a much longer run time.

If the geometry is simple (no reentrant bits) and the far-field is roughly constant temperature you can forget a radiation model and put a heat transfer flux of emissivity * Stefan Boltzmann * (T^4 - T_far^4). If this approximation is good it will be much quicker and easier to do.

If your simulation is in a high vacuum and you only want the heat transfer then turn the fluid solver off using the expert parameters.

Glenn Horrocks

Wojtek January 13, 2009 07:41

Re: radiation of a body
Thank you very much for your help, I will try the heat transfer flux method the.. Regards.. Wojtek

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