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Bing January 9, 2009 04:26

Compression in a chamber
I'm new to CFX. Would like to model compression process in a chamber. Wonder if anyone has worked on any similar problems before, and could guide me though.


Glenn Horrocks January 11, 2009 17:47

Re: Compression in a chamber

Yes, CFX can do this. I have modelled IC engines and CFX can succesfully model the compression process there. You may be interested in my PhD thesis on it:

Glenn Horrocks

Adhiraj123 August 4, 2011 20:36

I am trying to model a simple compression model in a piston cylinder assembly as well. Will a Fluent surface mesh do the job ?

ghorrocks August 5, 2011 07:36

CFX is a 3D solver. You will need a 3D mesh. If you import a 2D mesh the CFX-Pre will extrude it to generate a 3D mesh.

But CFX can model compression just fine.

Adhiraj123 August 5, 2011 10:20

So, can I also make a 3D mesh in Fluent or CFX ? Because I dont have Gambit for meshing.

ghorrocks August 5, 2011 18:13

CFX cannot generate meshes. You need workbench, gambit, ICEM or one of the many other meshing softwares to do that.

Adhiraj123 August 5, 2011 20:52

I have ANSYS package. Can I use the meshing in Fluent to create a surface/volume mesh ?

ghorrocks August 6, 2011 07:22

I do nt know what meshing capability Fluent has, I suspect not much. Gambit and T-Grid are fluent's meshing packages. If you have the ansys workbench package you will have ansys meshing and that is the normal way.

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