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Khaled M. Essa January 9, 2009 18:08

Re-meshing in CFX11.0, one last time
Dear All,

I am conducting fluid-structure interaction simulations as part of my research. In my problem, the mesh deformation is considered 'severe', in the sense that the structural dynamics cannot be supported without remeshing. I know that CFX-11.0 has the Multifield option which can take care of a two-way FSI coupling (CFX-ANSYS). My question is, can you setup the problem such that once the mesh elements are highly distorted, the deformed geometry can be exported to Workbench for re-meshing? ANY suggestions/references/advice would be highly appreciated.



Glenn Horrocks January 11, 2009 17:42

Re: Re-meshing in CFX11.0, one last time

I think this area has much better support in V12 if you can wait for that to be released. In the meantime it is possible to script something which monitors some form of mesh quality parameter and when it is excessive it stops the simulation, remeshes and restarts, interpolating the previous simulation onto the new mesh as the initial condition.

It is tricky to get working without manual intervention but possible. Should be much easier in V12.

Glenn Horrocks

Khaled M. Essa January 12, 2009 11:13

Re: Re-meshing in CFX11.0, one last time
Hi Mr. Horrocks,

Thank you for your response. I might not be able to await the V12 release. Are there any examples/references as to how to script an automatic remeshing operation in CFX? I have found a journal paper on cardiovascular simulations that utilized such a procedure, unfortunately there was no mentioning of any details. Any advice would be valuable!



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