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Elina January 14, 2009 04:43

Simulation Time in restart runs
Hi pals! I'm completely new in CFX!

I wonder why the simulation time reported in cfx-post, starts from 0 sec, in restart runs ? how can I calculate total time of simulation when I continue a transient run using previous result?

Thanks for you advice

cfdguy January 14, 2009 10:44

Re: Simulation Time in restart runs
Hi Elina,

You have to edit the command file and input the initial time as the latest value solved.

I was wondering wether there is an automatic way of doing it. I recall this issue has caused me some confusion (trouble) in the past.

Good luck!

latslosh January 14, 2009 19:16

Re: Simulation Time in restart runs

Just set the initial time option in the symulation type menu to 'automatic' or 'automatic with value' rather than 'value' and CFX will read the time value from your specified initial conditions file. If you have any time-dependent CEL, these will also use the correct time values.

Note that when you want to change meshes during the simulation, this does not work.

Hope that helps, latslosh.

Elina January 21, 2009 04:57

Re: Simulation Time in restart runs
dear Latslosh and CFdGUY Thank you very much for your advaices both of them worked out!

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