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Ellie January 14, 2009 06:34

multiphase flow, aeration
Im looking at designing an aerator in a siphon system where the downward flow and low preassure in the pipe draws in the air through the aerator and draws the bubbly flow down the pipe with the water flow. The simulation of the multiphase flow on CFD could be simular to that of the fuel mix in a venturi. Any help would be appreciated.

Glenn Horrocks January 14, 2009 19:48

Re: multiphase flow, aeration

There are examples of an air-bubble reactor in the CFX tutorials. Have you looked at that example?

Glenn Horrocks

Ellie January 15, 2009 11:51

Re: multiphase flow, aeration
Hey i have looked at the tutorial and worked through it however the example is looking at the upward bubbly flow and in the siphon system that i am looking at the bubbly flow is being forced into the downward flow.

Glenn Horrocks January 15, 2009 18:33

Re: multiphase flow, aeration

So can't you just change the boundaries around to suit your application? What specifically is the problem?

Glenn Horrocks

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