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Jinfeng January 14, 2009 12:50

thermal stess analysis???
Does ANSYS Workbench itself do thermal stress analysis? Or I have to use coupling ANSYS Simulation and CFX through FSI? The problem is that fluid is not involved in my model. In this case, can I still use 'Fluid Structure Interface'? I just want to know the structual reaction to the tempreture changes for a solid model.

Glenn Horrocks January 14, 2009 19:47

Re: thermal stess analysis???

Sounds like a coupled FEA mechanics and thermal model. This is best done in Workbench with no need for CFX. I would only use CFX if it involves fluid flow. The only exception I can think of is if it requires complicated radiation modelling - CFX has much more powerful radiation modelling than Workbench.

Glenn Horrocks

Jinfeng January 14, 2009 22:51

Re: thermal stess analysis???
Thank you so much Glenn Horrocks! This information is exactly what I need. I was not sure if Workbench can do coupling mechanical and thermal analysis or not.

Now the following question is that how to couple these two types of analysis in Workbench. I didn't find anything about this in the help file. Can anyone tell me how it works? I would really appreciate it! Does anyone have some tutorials about this? I really need some help here! Thanks.

Georg January 15, 2009 08:00

Re: thermal stess analysis???
There are two ways for thermo structural in ANSYS. Coupled (it requires special element type) and sequential. I think in WB last way is easier. In WB Simulation first create and solve Thermal analysis. After that (in the same project) create Structural analysis, insert Thermal condition (Condition=Uniform temperature, Thermal Environment=Name of previous Thermal analysis) and solve it. That's all. I hope it helps.

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