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Andreas January 16, 2009 11:45

ICEMCFD - Prisms in a gap
Hey everyone,

in my geometry, there is a gap between a body component and the floor of about 1.5mm. The body is supposed to stand on the floor, so this gap must be as small as possible. For the tetra mesher, there are no issues - defining thin cuts works perfect. However when growing the prism layers there is an issue.

The total height of my prism layers is supposed to be 12mm, that is way larger than the gap. So I have expected that the gap will be filled completely with prisms. Unfortunately that is not the case. Instead, there are tetras between the outer most prism layer and the floor, which are totally skewed and make the CFX-solver to crash. Does anyone know how I force ICEM to fill this gap entirely with prisms and delete all tetras?

Thanks in advance.

Glenn Horrocks January 18, 2009 19:24

Re: ICEMCFD - Prisms in a gap

This cannot be done. You will need to make it a different block and use hexa or manually generate a swept mesh.

Glenn Horrocks

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