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EBM January 27, 2009 19:21

Minimum yplus for SST

I am solving a model using SST turbulence and automatic wall treatment. I see that the maximum yplus must be less than 200 from the solver guide, but is there a minimum y+ value recommended for adequate near-wall modeling?

Thanks for your help.

andy2o January 28, 2009 18:57

Re: Minimum yplus for SST
Please see Cyclone's detailed post titled "Re: YPlus value for SST" on Wed, 28 Jan 2009 at:

for information.

Glenn Horrocks January 28, 2009 19:09

Re: Minimum yplus for SST

You will run into problems with very small y+ as round-off starts causing problems. When this happens is problem dependent. Need to do a sensitivity analysis to establish if it is important.

Glenn Horrocks

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