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Tristan January 28, 2009 13:39

Parallel Deforming Mesh Simulation
I'm doing a piston-cylinder simulation with a deforming mesh. I'm using a cylindrical mesh (r,theta,z) with non-uniform spacing in r and z to resolve the cylinder wall and the piston face. I ran the calculation in parallel with 8 partitions and the mesh moves as expected, maintaining constant z grid lines on the cylinder wall as the piston moves toward TDC. However, when I ran it with 14 partitions, the nodes do not maintain the constant z grid lines and I eventually get negative volumes and CFX crashes. Do I have to do something special so that the partitioning doesn't lead to this type of behavior or can I only run deforming mesh simulations with a small number of partitions?



Glenn Horrocks January 28, 2009 18:59

Re: Parallel Deforming Mesh Simulation

The number of partitions should not affect the mesh motion. If it definitely is the number of partitions affecting the mesh motion I would report it to your support representative.

Have you tried this on V12 beta?

Glenn Horrocks

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