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EBM January 29, 2009 11:25

GGI connection mesh size

I am doing a CFX analysis on a fluid pump that uses a wear ring gap. The wear ring gap connects my suction to volute. It is very tiny--its thickness is about 1/10 the mesh size of my model.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is maximum ratio between mesh sizes when using a GGI connection--thus, how much do I need to refine the mesh at the area where I will connect the wear ring gap.

If anyone has encountered this problem and has any tips I would greatly appreciate it.


Glenn Horrocks January 29, 2009 18:38

Re: GGI connection mesh size

In my experience you may have convergence problems but it is a bit problem dependent. If you want to accurately resolve the leakage flow then you will certainly need more refinements, but exactly how much will require a sensitivity analysis to determine. Often leakage flows are adequately resolved by only a small number of elements, say 5 to 10.

Glenn Horrocks

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