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Marco Müller January 30, 2009 03:51

Solver crashes (PVM parallel)
Hi all,

when setting up an CFX 11 run in parallel (PVM local) on my Dual Core (Intel Xeon) PC, the solver crashes after sucessfully patitioning and writes only the following:

"An error has occurred in cfx5solve: The ANSYS CFX solver has terminated without writing a results file. Command on host ansysxeonserv (ANSYS_XEON_SERV) exited with return code 0.

End of solution stage.

The following user files have been saved in the directory E:\fe-calc\g06\g06_020: fort.99"

I've searched a lot and phoned with the hotline, but hadn't any success. Licence should be no problem. I also tryed different def-Files. I put you some file entries which might be interesting for the problem:

*** case\fort.99: ***

Error (at msgget.F): Cannot find message file, english_msg.txt. Please make sure that the environment variable CFX_DATA_DIR is set to the right directory. The run will STOP.

*** hosts.ccl: ***


HOST DEFINITION: ansysxeonserv

Remote Host Name = ANSYS_XEON_SERV

Installation Root = C:\Progra~1\AnsysI~1\v%v\CFX

Host Architecture String = winnt-amd64

END # HOST DEFINITION ansysxeonserv


*** Out-file: ***


HOST DEFINITION: ansysxeonserv

Remote Host Name = ANSYS_XEON_SERV

Host Architecture String = winnt-amd64

Installation Root = C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\v%v\CFX


*** case\PVMhosts: (backed up before crashing) ***

# PVM hosts file automatically generated from CFX-5 host database &ANSYS_XEON_SERV dx=C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\v110\CFX\tools\pvm3.4.4_11-2\lib\WINX64\pvmd3.exe

*** ...user\temp\pvml.-1.ANSYS_XEON_SERVER ***

[pvmd pid2872] parsehost(): unknown option "Inc\v110\CFX\tools\pvm3.4.4_11-2\lib\WINX64\pvmd3.exe"

[pvmd pid2872] parsehost(): unknown option "Files\Ansys" [pvmd pid2872] readhostfile() E:\fe-calc\g06\g06_020.dir\PVMhosts 2: errors

[pvmd pid2872] readhostfile() E:\fe-calc\g06\g06_020.dir\PVMhosts: 1 errors in hostfile

[t80040000] ANSYS_XEON_SERVER ( WINX64 3.4.4

[t80040000] ready loclinput() read: 10054

[t80040000] loclinput() marking t40003 dead

[t80040000] dm_halt() from (ANSYS_XEON_SERVER), halting...

[t80040000] work() pvmd halting

[t80040000] pvmbailout(0)


As you can see, I removed the spaces in the file path in hosts.cll file with no succeed. Furthermore I set up the environment variable CFX_DATA_DIR! CFX keeps on messaging the same nonsens. (BTW: MPICH doesn't work, too, but I didn't investigate that topic)

Thanks a lot for reading that much and for possible help!


Marco Müller February 2, 2009 02:46

Re: Solver crashes (PVM parallel)

some experts with ideas? Thank you!


Marco Müller February 4, 2009 03:51

Re: Solver crashes (PVM parallel)
hope dies last...

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