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Marcelo February 3, 2009 09:13

aerodynamic fall
We would like to model the fall of an object from an airplane or helicopter, is it posible with CFX? (I am thinking in the possibilitie of moving mesh+FSI)

We need to study the aerodynamic of this problem and its impact with water..

Regards, Marcelo.

Glenn Horrocks February 3, 2009 17:19

Re: aerodynamic fall

What are you trying to get out of the analysis? Why can't you just model the object as stationary and blow air over it? Do you need to capture the dynamics/aerodynamic interaction at release and/or freefall?

CFX V12 has some nice features for this type of modelling. The immersed object model sounds ideal, no need for moving mesh or FSI at all. The only caveat is that you have to be careful the non-optimal mesh around the object gets the lift/drag close enough.

But with that in mind I think the benefits in this sort of model of the immersed object model are huge so you should definitely try it.

Glenn Horrocks

zongtwi February 4, 2009 20:55

Re: aerodynamic fall
If you can wait for CFX V12, then you can use the 6DOF model. It originates from FLUENT, and will be incorporated in CFX V12.

Hope that helps.

HekLeR February 10, 2009 00:20

Re: aerodynamic fall
This is false. It does not originate from FLUENT.

Marcelo February 12, 2009 22:32

Re: aerodynamic fall

CFX 12 ans Fluent can solve 6dof...

I need to know the prices and wath solver is better to me...

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