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Felix February 5, 2009 15:57

Unit Vector profile, cylindrical coordinates
Hi everyone,

A little CFX-Pre question here :

Does anyone of you know what is the appropriate heading to use in the .csv file in order to impose unit vector profiles to impose flow direction in cylindrical coordinates ?

On my Inlet b.c., I want to impose the mass flow rate and direction of the flow. The direction components (r, theta, z) are to be specified from profiles in a csv file. The csv file heading I would use in cartesian coordinates would be as written below but I can't find the equivalent in cylindrical coordinates. What should I change the "Velocity Direction u" for ?






[Spatial Fields]

Z, r


Z [ m ], r [ m ], Velocity Direction u, Velocity Direction v, Velocity Direction w

Felix February 5, 2009 18:24

Re: Unit Vector profile, cyl coord - solved
I just found a good workaround in the doc for whatever name I may use:

Non-Standard Variable Names

If you have non-standard variable names in your profile file, they can still be used in ANSYS CFX-Pre. Such names must be typed in as an expression directly in ANSYS CFX-Pre, since they will not be picked up automatically. For example, your file may contain the variable uvel for velocity in the U direction. On the Boundary Details tab, you could enter <profile>.uvel(x,y,z) (where <profile> is the name of your profile) to pick up your uvel values.

I thought it might be useful to someone else. Have a great day,


Johannes February 6, 2009 03:11

Re: Unit Vector profile, cylindrical coordinates
I use a csv file with cylindrical coordinates and this works fine for me:

[Name] main inlet [Spatial Fields] z,r [Data] z [ m ], r [ m ], Velocity Axial component [ m s^-1 ]

Felix February 6, 2009 08:34

Re: Unit Vector profile, cylindrical coordinates

This does work but it implicitly impose the flow rate in itself. I was talking about imposing the mass flow rate separately and than specifying the direction of the flow. I'll stick with my non-standard variable names.

Thanks for your help anyway,


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