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littlelz February 6, 2009 12:50

how to export cfx result to CGNS format
I got a very strange problem as I try to export cfx results in solver to CGNS format. It seems everything is all right. But as I check the results in tec360, I found some of them are lost. I can see all the obtained variables in CFX-post, but I can't see all of them in tecplot. I already choose level3 as output option, also include all boundary data.

does anybody give me some idea on this? what's wrong with my operation? many thanks in advance


hungryfish April 15, 2010 10:30

I can confirm your observation - here is a bug
I exported in a multicomponent transient run some flow variables to *.trn (e.g. Helium Molar Fraction), Then I did an export to cgns in the same manner (export level 1-3) as you, but the Molar Fraction is'nt present in tec360. Although I can see it in "Data Set Information" as Nodal but without Min/Max. I think it is a gap in the cfx5export-tool ... Sometimes it's work accidental. In another run (another mesh, another problem) the export line described above works fine.
Please help in that topic! I have prepared some files (*.res, *.cgns about 500MB each)


AliTr April 16, 2010 03:02

last month I tried to convert CFD results of a home made code into CGNS and import them into CFX, I used CGNS libraries available on their website, it works, however part of the information lost. it should be noted that CFX, when importing, does not support many features (e.g. transition solution, Regions, Zone connection, preiodic crossing,...). Then it is likely that CFX engine for export is using the same routines and also doesnot support part of these features for export.

hungryfish April 29, 2010 08:15

how to export cfx result to CGNS format
meanwhile I found a solution to see in Tecplot the desired variable - here molar fraction of helium:

We need an extra list of required fluid variables in cfx5pre - "Output Control - Extra Output Var. List" additionally to "TRANSIENT RESULTS". Here as an example a result specification for a transient run:

Extra Output Variables List = He Ideal Gas.Molar Fraction
File Compression Level = Default
Option = Standard
TRANSIENT RESULTS: Transient Results
File Compression Level = Default
Include Mesh = No
Option = Selected Variables
Output Variables List = Absolute Pressure,Density,Dynamic Viscosity,Eddy Viscosity,He Ideal Gas.Density,He Ideal Gas.Dynamic Diffusivity,He Ideal Gas.Dynamic Viscosity,He Ideal Gas.Kinematic Diffusivity,He Ideal Gas.Local Speed of Sound,He Ideal Gas.Mass Concentration,He Ideal Gas.Mass Flux,He Ideal Gas.Mass Fraction,He Ideal Gas.Molar Concentration,He Ideal Gas.Molar Fraction,Mach Number,Pressure,Total Pressure,Total Temperature,Temperature,Velocity,Velocity Correlation
Option = Timestep Interval
Timestep Interval = 1

The generated *.trn -files are able to get the right base for cfx5export -> CGNS (Result Level 2) , then I can see the molar fraction in data sets of Tecplot.


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