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carpe85 February 10, 2009 13:25

ICEM - Prism Tool Problem
Hi I have a question regarding the prism tool in ICEM CFD.

Can anyone tell me under what circumstances you get the following message: "unhandled case in check_time?

Background info:

I have a closed volume with a very nice tetra mesh (min. quality = 0.19) that passed the grid check without any problems. The grid shares a surface with an hexa mesh, so I have merged them together. The merging process did not yield any error either.

I am trying to create a prism layer and I get the following message during the process: "Unhandled case in check_time". the message repeats 1 million times (presumably the number of prisms being created).

sometimes the prism tool fails, some other times it actually goes on until the end.

this is the prism_cmd log:

ANSYS ICEM CFD Prism 11.0.1 compiled on 8/23/2007 at 4:55 p.m. running on xx2 Linux x86_64 (64 bit version) (c) Copyright 1993 - 2007 Ansys Inc. process cfd-ae18 16919 reading surface model... reading mesh file... sizeof mesh_element 24 sizeof element 32 sizeof base_prism 88 sizeof of one prism 96 bytes sizeof of one tet 112 bytes max_prism_angle reset to 174.261 because the min_prism_quality is 0.01 new volume 39 checking the validity of the input mesh no orientation errors no errors detected smoothing triangles smoothing tetra done smoothing marking triangles maximum height over base ratio 0.0126497 = 0.000214261/0.016938 in QUAD_4 ( 823307 823308 832093 832101) in family SYMMETRY_1 43749 prisms to be created on family WALL_1 54609 prisms to be created on family WALL_1 splitting thin baffles initializing heights smoothing heights done smoothing heights 77397 verts growing 20 layers initializing directions from levelset norm 77397 prism_nodes smoothing marching directions 77397 prism_nodes iteration: 0 worst quality 0.555516 unhandled case in check_time // REPEATS 1 million times final iteration: worst extruded element quality 0.555388 completed smoothing really bad tet quality (9.45396e-06) cur_verts[0] = 1107047 cur_verts[1] = 1107181 cur_verts[2] = 7953 cur_verts[3] = 143060 old_verts[0] = 1107047 old_verts[1] = 1107181 old_verts[2] = 7953 old_verts[3] = 143060 extruding prism layer 20 first_t 16% first_t 33% first_t 50% first_t 66% first_t 83% returning with first_t == 0.531199 0 flat tetrahedra created between layers 0 pointy tetrahedra created between layers worst prism quality: 0.555388 no orientation errors no orientation errors writing out prism layer 20 done refining tetra-prism boundary performing cleanup smoothing writing out smoothed mesh done cpu time: 7 minutes 3.37 seconds elapsed time: 7 minutes 22.00 seconds prism finished

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