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Daniel February 11, 2009 10:11

Fluid - Solid Domain Interface

I have a closed cylinder with an inlet at the top. a few length scales above the inlet there is a cylindrical solid ring. I meshed both geometries seperatly in ICEM CFD and i want to combine them in PRE. They fluid domain i defined in the big cylinder, and a solid one for the ring

Now i create a domain interface Fluid-Solid. For the fluid domain i can only choose the soild parts of the cylinder, not the fluid itself. Although i defined a body in ICEM in the fluid region of the cylinder.

So after running my simulation, and looking at the velocity distribution i get velocities in the solid part.

Anyone got an idea ?

LKF February 11, 2009 12:28

Re: Fluid - Solid Domain Interface
Have you looked at the tutorial with the heating coil in the cylinder? Perhaps that is similar to what you're trying to do?

Daniel February 12, 2009 06:02

Re: Fluid - Solid Domain Interface
Thanks for your quick answer LKF, but my problem is a little bit different. I know how to define two different Domains (Solid & FLUID), but i can't connect them. When i mesh all geometry in ICEM CFD at once, its no problem, but when i splitt it up in different project files and import them to CFX PRE the solver doesnt realize where the SOLID domain is. The result of this problem is, that after solving the equations, my streamlines got through the solid domain (which i defined earlier in CFX PRE). I tried now several strategies: * Importing the separatly mesehd parts in ICEM CFD and merging the meshes * Importing the separatly meshed parts to CFX pre, defining the solid and fluid domain

none of these strategies worked..

LKF February 12, 2009 14:30

Re: Fluid - Solid Domain Interface
You have probably exceeded my level of expertise on this subject, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can be of help.

The only other item I may mention (but I suspect you have already accounted for) is to turn off automatic domain interfaces, and specify manually the interface between the solid-fluid domain. If you right click on the Simulation item in the CFX-Pre tree I think there's a 'summarise interfaces' option that should tell you how Pre has connected your two domains, this can be used to check that Pre is setting things up as you expect it to.

I also have no experience with ICEM, only the basic meshers in WB. Perhaps the issue lies in the ICEM mesh files?

Glenn Horrocks February 12, 2009 17:22

Re: Fluid - Solid Domain Interface

You have to set the various domain regions to be solid. The default is fluid so you will have to change that. It does not matter where the meshes come from.

Glenn Horrocks

Daniel Kilian February 13, 2009 03:09

Re: Fluid - Solid Domain Interface
Ah ok, so i select solid-solid domain interface and choose the regions where both surfaces are connected to each other?

Glenn Horrocks February 15, 2009 19:09

Re: Fluid - Solid Domain Interface

No. In the domain tab you have to select it as a solid domain rather than a fluid one.

Glenn Horrocks

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